Wulff enables working in environments where companies and entrepreneurs operate. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive product and service range that can help you create an office wherever you want it. What would you like? We offer our customers office supplies, facility management products, catering solutions, IT supplies, ergonomics, first aid, LED lighting solutions and innovative products for worksites. Customers can also acquire international exhibition services from Wulff. In addition to Finland, Wulff operates in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The customers are personally served by approx. 200 business-to-business sales professionals and also at Wulff’s stores in Helsinki, Turku and Lahti.

In addition to versatile customer specific services, the Group serves its customers online with the non-exclusive webstore Wulffinkulma.fi.


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Clean air, cleaner facility

Powerful and effective AeraMax air purifiers now from Wulff Naxor! Did you now that indoor air is five times more contaminated than the air outdoors? Everywhere in indoor air there are countless amounts of small particles, bacteria, viruses, dandruff, dust, and pollen that can cause serious indoor air problems. Indoor air contaminants cause headaches, difficulties in […]

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Breakfast of Champions offered a look at the newest and coolest products and services in the print and press industry

Hosted by Wulff and its partners, the Breakfast of Champions offered a look at the newest ideas and products in the print and press industry. Visitors also saw how easy it is to give your product some extra dazzle when special effects in the material and in the machines complement each other.  The occasion was […]

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Sales work is for life-loving people

  Did you know that an increasing number of company managers have a background in sales? Sales work is challenging, complex, and rewarding – and what works in sales, works in all human interactions. Ninni Arion, Wulff Entre’s Managing Director and member of Wulff Group’s Executive Board, began her career is car sales. With a […]

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Wulff is the industry’s most well-known and trusted company. All of our employees are dedicated professionals who love sales and whose vision, experience and opinions are valued. Ask us anything – we are glad to help.

It all started from a small stationary store.