External Audit

Based on the Articles of Association, Wulff Group Plc shall have 1-2 auditors. If the Annual General Meeting elects only one auditor and if the auditor is not a firm of authorised accountants, additionally one deputy auditor shall be elected. Based on the Articles of Association, the auditors are appointed for an indefinite term.

Since 2011 the Group’s auditor has been KPMG Oy Ab, a company of Authorized Public Accountants, with Authorized Public Accountant Minna Riihimäki as the lead audit partner.

In addition to their statutory duties, the auditors report their audit findings to the Chairman of the Board, when necessary, and at least once a year to the Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting decides on the auditors’ fees and the expense compensation principles. Based on the Board’s decision, auditors can be paid reasonable fees for non-recurring other service assignments. The auditors of all Wulff group companies were paid total fees of 68 thousand euros in 2016:

1000 euros 2016 2015
Audit 53 69
Tax services 0 0
Other services 15 54
Total 68 123

Following the corporate governance regulations, the auditors do not own Wulff Group Plc’s or its subsidiaries’ shares.