CEO and Executive Board


The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who supervises the Company’s operational management in compliance with the instructions and guidelines provided by the Board. The CEO ensures that the Board has sufficient information to assess the Company’s operations and financial situation. The CEO is responsible for the accomplishment of the Board’s decisions and reports the results to the Board.

The CEO may undertake acts which, considering the scope and nature of the operations of the Company, are unusual or extensive, only with the authorisation of the Board.

The CEO of the parent company Wulff Group Plc also acts as the Group’s CEO and as the Chairman of the Group Executive Board.

Heikki Vienola, M.Sc. (Econ.), acted as the CEO of Wulff Group Plc from 1999 until August 2015 and the Chairman of the Group Executive Board until September 2015. He was nominated the Chairman of the Board of Directors beginning September 2015.

Topi Ruuska was nominated as the CEO of Wulff Group Plc beginning September 2015 and the Chairman of the Group Executive Board beginning October 2015. Topi Ruuska’s employment ended on September 2016 and Wulff Group Plc’s Board of Directors named CFO Elina Rahkonen as Wulff Group Plc’s interim CEO starting on October 2016.

Kimmo Laaksonen acted as the CEO of Wulff Group Plc and Wulff Ltd, and the Chairman of the Group Executive Board until September 2017. As of September 2017, the new Group CEO is Heikki Vienola.

Group Executive Board

Group Executive Board’s duties and working methods

The Group Executive Board led by the Group CEO is responsible for the Group’s operations in practice. The Group Executive Board convenes regularly to analyse and evaluate the financial and business performance as well as the key development initiatives of both divisions. The management team has no official statutory position but, in practice, it has a significant role in the organisation of the Company management.

Based on the CEO’s proposal, the Board of Directors confirms the composition and new nominations of the Group Executive Board Members.

The Managing Directors of subsidiaries are in charge of the business operations in each subsidiary. Significant decisions, such as significant investments, are subject to the Group CEO’s approval. Each subsidiary has its own financial administration, while group-wide financial administration is the responsibility of the Group’s Chief Financial Officer.

The divisions’ financial reports and the situation of the businesses’ key development projects are on the agenda of the Group Executive Board which convenes on a quarterly basis.

Group Executive Board Members

The Group Executive Board consists of the following members:

name year of birth position
Ninni Arion 1978 CEO/Wulff Entre Ltd
Trond Fikseaunet 1963 Managing Director/Wulff Supplies AB
Elina Hanén 1982 CFO/Wulff Group Plc
Tarja Törmänen 1974 Communications and Marketing Director
Heikki Vienola 1960 CEO/Wulff Group Plc, Chairman of the Executive Board
Veijo Ågerfalk 1959 Executive Vice President and Head of Direct Sales Division