WULFF-GROUP PLC STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 21 APRIL, 2008, AT 9.40 AM BELTTON-GROUP PLC CHANGES NAME TO WULFF-GROUP PLC Based on the decision issued by the Annual General Meeting on 4 April 2008, the change of Beltton-Group Plc’s business name (Business ID: 1454963-5) was entered into the Trade Register today. The company’s new corporate name is Wulff-Yhtiöt Oyj, or Wulff-Group Plc in English. Wulff-Group Plc’s CEO, Heikki Vienola: “The new name will strengthen the company’s renown as a trustworthy forerunner of good quality and as the market leader within the office business. The long history of Wulff, established in 1890, is a story of reliability and quality. Cherishing and developing an exquisite brand is a privilege for us. Leading the way, quality and first-class service have always been the cornerstones of Wulff’s and Beltton’s business.” In the future, the Wulff brand will be clearly visible in all marketing operations of the Group. The change of name will not change the operations of the subsidiaries. The names and businesses of the subsidiaries of the group and Wulff Oy Ab will remain the same. Following the corporate name change, the trading code of the company’s share on the OMX Nordic Exchange in Helsinki will be renamed as well. The new trading code for the share will be WUF1V. The change will take effect in the trade system of the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki on 22 April 2008. The rest of amendments to Wulff-Group’s Articles of Association decided by the Annual General Meeting were also entered into the Trade Register today. The Articles of Association were amended in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal so that, among other things, the domicile is now in Helsinki, the company’s business sector was further specified, and the regulations concerning the nominal value of the Company’s share and the minimum and maximum share capital were removed. The Board of Directors’ proposal for the amendment of the Articles of Association was published in full in the stock exchange release on 13 March 2008. Wulff-Group Plc Heikki Vienola CEO Further information: CEO Heikki Vienola Phone: +358 9 5259 0050 or +358 50 65 110 e-mail: IR Officer Sirpa Väisänen Phone: +358 9 5259 0050 or +358 400 943 243 e-mail: Distribution: OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki Key media Attachment: Wulff-Group Plc’s Articles of Association WULFF-GROUP PLC’S ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION Section 1 The company’s name is Wulff-Yhtiöt Oyj in Finnish and Wulff Group Plc in English. The company is domiciled in Helsinki. Section 2 The company acts as a vendor and agency for office and computer supplies on its own and/or through its subsidiaries. The company may also engage in securities trading. Section 3 The company’s shares are incorporated into the book-entry system. Section 4 The company’s Board of Directors consists of 3 to 6 members. In addition, at most as many deputy members can be elected to the Board of Directors. The term of the members of the Board of Directors terminates at the end of the Annual General Meeting following the election of the Board of Directors. Section 5 The company has a CEO, who is appointed by the Board of Directors. The CEO is to supervise the company’s operational management in compliance with the instructions and guidelines provided by the Board of Directors. Section 6 The company’s business name is signed by the CEO and those persons to whom the Board of Directors issues the right to sign the business name, each alone. Section 7 The Board of Director decides on issuing full commercial power to represent the company. Section 8 The company has one to two auditors. If the General Meeting elects only one auditor and the auditor is not an authorised public accountant, one deputy auditor must also be elected. Auditors are appointed until further notice. Section 9 Invitations to General Meetings are delivered to shareholders at the earliest two months and at the latest seventeen days before the Meeting by publishing the invitation in at least one newspaper specified by the Board of Directors and by submitting the invitation in writing to each shareholder to the address indicated in the list of shareholders. To be entitled to participate in a General Meeting a shareholder shall notify the company of participation by the date indicated in the invitation, which may be at the earliest five days before the meeting. Section 10 The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually on the date determined by the Board of Directors within six months of the end of the financial period. The Meeting shall present: 1. the financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet and the report of the Board of Directors, 2. the Auditors’ report, decide on: 3. adopting the income statement and balance sheet, 4. the measures to be taken based on the profit or loss in the adopted balance sheet, 5. discharging the members of the Board of Directors and the Managing Director of liability, 6. determining the fees of Board members and auditors, as well as the criteria for reimbursement of travel expenses, appoint: 7. the members of the Board of Directors and 8. the auditors. Section 11 The General Meetings can be held either in Espoo or in Helsinki.