The Board of Directors of Beltton-Group Plc has in its meeting on February 6, 2008 decided to initiate a share buyback of maximum of 300,000 own shares in accordance with the authorisation given to it at the Annual General Meeting on 4 April 2007. The number of acquired shares shall not exceed five per cent (5 %) of the Company’s share capital and of the number of voting shares. The shares will be purchased through public trading at OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki in a proportion other than that of current shareholder holdings. The shares will be purchased at the market price determined in public trading at the time of purchase. According to the authorisation, the shares can be purchased to develop the company’s capital structure, to be used as consideration in the acquisition of assets related to the company’s business, to be used as consideration in the financing and implementation of possible acquisitions or other arrangements or to be otherwise further assigned or cancelled. The acquisition of the company’s own shares shall start at the earliest in a week from the announcement of this Board of Directors decision and end by the end of the next Annual General Meeting at the latest. Helsinki, 7 February 2008 Beltton-Group Plc Board of Directors ´ Further information: Heikki Vienola, CEO Tel. +358 9 5259 0050 or +358 50 65 110 e-mail: Sirpa Väisänen, IR Officer Tel. +358 9 5259 0050 or +358 400 943 243 e-mail: DISTRIBUTION The Helsinki Stock Exchange Key media