Beltton sells its facilities located in Vantaa and records a one-off capital gain of EUR 3.5 million for this

Beltton-Group Plc sells the Beltton building and its plot of land in Vantaa to Alpha I Oy, a Finnish subsidiary EU Invest A/S of Denmark. The value of this transaction is EUR 6.1 million and the one-off capital gain from it is EUR 3.5 million, which will be recorded under other business income for the fourth quarter.   The Beltton-Group companies will continue operating in the facilities at Manttaalitie, Vantaa, as usual. Beltton and Alpha I Oy have signed a long-term agreement on Beltton renting the facilities.   The sale of the real estate and plot of land will have a positive effect on Beltton’s financial results. The building sold to the subsidiary of EU Invest A/S comprises 4 460 m2 and the plot of land 7 943 m2. Beltton will continue to own a plot of land of 10 052 m2 in the immediate proximity of this plot, which has building rights for 5 412 m2 and which enables Beltton to expand its operations in the Veromies district of Vantaa.   In accordance with its strategy, Beltton will use the gain from this transaction for possible corporate arrangements and to strengthen its capital structure. ”Being a company striving for profitable growth, company acquisitions are a key part of our strategy. Capital released with this real estate sale can be allocated to strengthening our capital structure, as well as potential company acquisitions. I believe that the sale and lease-back is a good solution for us, both strategically and in practice,” says Heikki Vienola, CEO of Beltton-Group Plc. The sale and lease-back agreement will be reported in accordance with the IFRS standards as stipulated in IAS 17. The lease agreement signed by Beltton will be classified as an operating lease. The capital gain will be entered as income at the moment of signing the agreement and the generated rent expenses will be recognised as other business expenses during the lease period. BELTTON-GROUP PLC Heikki Vienola CEO Further information: Heikki Vienola, CEO tel. +358 9 5259 0050 or +358 50 65 110 e-mail: Sirpa Väisänen, IR Officer tel. + 358 9 5259 0050 or +358 400 943 243 e-mail: DISTRIBUTION OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki Key media