Beltton-Group Plc RELEASE 19 October 2006 1:00 pm BELTTON’S SUBSIDIARY WULFF OY AB AND FINLAND POST TO START EXTENDED COOPERATION Wulff Oy Ab and Logia Oy have signed a cooperation agreement concerning the logistics of office supplies and computer accessories sold by Wulff. The decision enables growth in accordance with strategy for Beltton and is a contribution to competitive ability for Wulff. Heikki Vienola, CEO of Beltton-Group Plc believes that Wulff’s new logistics concept strengthens market position for both Wulff and Beltton-Group in office supplies. “We strive for a growth higher than the market growth. Cooperation with Post enables growth for us even on a quick schedule. Flexible logistic solutions are an essential part of our strategy.” With the agreement the warehouse operations of Wulff and 21 logistic employees will relocate from Wulff’s premises to the logistics centre of Post Logistics at the beginning of 2007. The change will be carried out as a business transfer. The employees will transfer as old employees to the service of Post Logistics in the beginning of November. ”It was important for us to create the possibilities for growth, to increase the competitiveness and the quality of our services and to make sure that the personnel will continue to be motivated and committed. Our growth posed challenges to our current logistics centre. The solution achieved together with Post includes everything we need: sufficient and modern resources for logistic activities that will grow according to our needs and functional IT systems. Post Logistics offers an advanced work environment and good opportunities for career development for its employees. Most importantly, our customers will benefit from the improvement in the service level”, states Wulff’s Managing Director Juha Broman. Operational for 115 years in the office supplies business Wulff Oy Ab offers its customers a time-saving and cost-effective way to purchase office supplies. Beltton-Group Plc acquired Wulff Oy Ab, at the time a part of Mercantile Group Oy Ab, in November 2002. Beltton-Group Plc is the market leader in Finland in all its product segments: office supplies, computer accessories, corporate image products, and ergonomic products, and is a strong player in Sweden, Norway, and Estonia. The Group had a turnover of EUR 60,1 million in 2005. Post Logistics (from 1 January 2007 on Itella Logistics) is an international logistics operator, with a domestic market in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, and Russia. Post Logistics has a turnover of EUR 530 million and the company employs 2 500 persons in eight different countries. Post Logistics is a part of Finland Post Group. BELTTON-GROUP PLC Further information: CEO Heikki Vienola tel.+358 9 5259 0050 or +358 50 65 110 e-mail: IR officer Sirpa Väisänen tel.+358 9 5259 0050 or +358 400 943 243 e-mail: DISTRIBUTION Helsingin Stock Exchange