STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE       February 9, 2011 at 9.30 A.M.


Wulff Group Plc’s Board of Directors has decided on a new share-based incentive and commitment scheme for the Group’s key personnel. The purpose of the scheme is to commit and encourage the Group’s key personnel for profitable and growing business along with generating shareholder value in the long run.

The share reward plan offers the key personnel an opportunity to receive the Company’s shares as a reward for reaching the earning criteria. The scheme comprises of three earning periods which are the calendar years 2011, 2012 and 2013. The potential reward for an earning period is based on the results achieved.

The Board of Directors decides on the share-based payments after the earning period end. After the earning period end, the potential reward for each earning period will be paid partly in shares and partly in cash. The proportion paid in cash covers the taxes and related costs due to the reward. Based on this scheme, a maximum of 100,000 Company shares can be granted.

During a two-year restriction period, it is prohibited to transfer the shares. If a key person’s employment or service ends during the restriction period, the person must return the shares given as the reward back to the Company without compensation. There is a maximum of 20 key persons within the scheme. The persons within the scheme may change during the years.

Currently the Company holds 100,000 own shares (WUF1V). The Company’s share capital consists of 6,607,628 shares.

In Vantaa on February 9, 2011.

Further information:

CEO Heikki Vienola
tel. +358 9 5259 0050 or mobile: +358 50 65 110
e-mail: heikki.vienola@wulff.fi

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