MEDIA RELEASE      9.1.2019 at 3.00 P.M.

Wulff invests in the development of its logistics services in Scandinavia with a real estate acquisition of approximately EUR 3.1 million

Wulff Group invests in the development of its logistics services by acquiring its logistics property in Ljungby, Sweden. The 5,500 m2 logistics property and office space have been used by Wulff Supplies since their completion in 2010. The acquisition has been completed today. The debt free purchase price of the real estate company, approximately EUR 3.1 million, is financed with a loan, and the final purchase price will based on the approved financial statements of December 31, 2018.  

Owning a modern logistics center and having the opportunity to expand operations will enable Wulff to grow and develop its logistics services. The investment is expected to improve the cost-efficiency of Wulff Supplies, especially in the long-term.

“In the future, companies with fast and reliable logistics will succeed. The reliability of our deliveries has always been great. Our own logistics and best partners guarantee that we will maintain our reliability and swiftness and we can further improve our operations including our logistics services. Our goal is to make the world better – one workplace at a time. We provide our customers products and services that can make a difference. Environmentally-friendly, sustainable products and lots of local products. Ideas and solutions to make your working environment more comfortable, functional, healthier, safer or more fun. It is important that our logistics services are flexible and can adapt to the development of our wide range of products. This acquisition is an important investment towards our future growth,” says Wulff Group CEO Heikki Vienola of the transaction.

Wulff Supplies Ab, responsible for Contract Customer Sales in Scandinavia, purchases the property from ADIB Holding Ab.

Further information:
CEO Heikki Vienola
Wulff Group Plc
mobile +358 50 65110

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